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Built-in command



Serialize selected list of images into a single image, optionnally in a compressed form.

datatype can be { auto | uchar | char | ushort | short | uint | int | uint64 | int64 | float | double }.
Specify datatype if all selected images have a range of values constrained to a particular datatype,
in order to minimize the memory footprint.
The resulting image has only integers values in [0,255] and can then be saved as a raw image of
unsigned chars (doing so will output a valid .cimg[z] or .gmz file).
If store_names is set to 1, serialization uses the .gmz format to store data in memory
(otherwise the .cimg[z] format).

Default values:

datatype=auto, is_compressed=1 and store_names=1.

Example of use:

$ gmic image.jpg +serialize uchar +unserialize[-1]

Command: image.jpg +serialize uchar +unserialize[-1]
Command: image.jpg +serialize uchar +unserialize[-1]
Command: image.jpg +serialize uchar +unserialize[-1]