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Built-in command



Display selected images into an instant display window with specified size, normalization type,

fullscreen mode and title.

(equivalent to shortcut command w).

If width or height is set to -1, the corresponding dimension is adjusted to the window
or image size.
Specify pos_x and pos_y arguments only if the window has to be moved to the specified
coordinates. Otherwise, they can be avoided.
'width'=0 or 'height'=0 closes the instant display window.
normalization can be { -1=keep same | 0=none | 1=always | 2=1st-time | 3=auto }.
fullscreen can be { -1=keep same | 0=no | 1=yes }.
You can manage up to 10 different instant display windows by using the numbered variants
w0 (default, eq. to w),w1,...,w9 of the command w.
Invoke window with no selection to make the window visible, if it has been closed by the user.

Default values:

width=height=normalization=fullscreen=-1 and title=(undefined).