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Transfer colors and textures from specified style image to selected images, using a multi-scale patch-mathing algorithm.

If instant display window[0] is opened, the steps of the image synthesis are displayed on it.
init_type can be { 0=best-match | 1=identity | 2=randomized }.

Default values:

fidelity_finest=0.5, fidelity_coarsest=2, fidelity_smoothness_finest=3, fidelity_smoothness_coarsest=0.5, fidelity_chroma=0.1, init_type=0, init_resolution=16, init_max_gradient=0, patchsize_analysis=5, patchsize_synthesis=5, patchsize_synthesis_final=5, nb_matches_finest=2, nb_matchesc_coarsest=30, penalize_repetitions=10, matching_precision=2, scale_factor=1.85, skip_finest_scales=0 and image_matching_command="s c,-3 transfer_pca[0] [2] b[0,2] xy,0.7 n[0,2] 0,255 n[1,2] 0,200 a[0,1] c a[1,2] c"'.